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Features on Views: Eg: Titled view with comments




Although I like the clean look of using the "titled" view in the default layout, presently, we lose a lot of functionality by doing this.  I can no longer even get to the open view easily, there should be a simple way to do this.  It could be on the "open" menus, because I can get there by double clicking (to edit mode), but 'View' link takes me back to the default (titled) view.  In  my use case, I'm wanting to click one of the related links in the footer.  I guess I could use the related tab, but why is it so hard to get to the open view?  I can do it by typing in the URL box, but that is not a good workaroud, I should not have to find my keyboard for this action.



One solution would be to change some of the default view handling or add options to the open-card menu, but another one is to make the titled view more functional.


I've characterized this as "Features on Views", and the mentioned example of comments as a "feature" you might want to add to other view, in the example the base view would be 'titled' but I want to add the 'comment' feature of the 'open' view.


Then, I'm thinking that thinks like the new view used on Home can be implemented as a 'feature' on top of the base view (titled again in this case).


Now, I would want to add a 'feature' that when I moused over the card with this view feature, that part of the view panel changes, or pop-up controls appear that add functionality that we have now only in the open or edit views.



See the +Notes use with Wagn Circle cards.  What I want is to leave the titled view, but enable comments,  but comments are only enabled on the 'open' view.



I think this should be handled by make simple edit-alternative to double click. --John Abbe

I've been working on new interface to bring things back.

  --Ethan McCutchen.....Thu Jun 07 16:45:46 +0000 2012

I think this is basically all handled by the new menu, no?

  --Ethan McCutchen.....2013-04-03 19:22:42 +0000

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