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Wagn 1.13 will be the last minor version to support ruby versions lower than 1.9.3.




1. install the gem

gem install wagn

Watch carefully for errors! 


2. create your new wagn application

Here we'll create one named "mysite":

 wagn new mysite


3. create / seed your database

Edit the config/database.yml file as necessary. More about database configuration at


Then run...

cd mysite 
rake wagn:create create and seed the database


4. start  your server

To fire up the default, built-in WEBrick server, just run:

wagn server

...and point your browser to http://localhost:3000 (unless otherwise configured).


WEBrick is great for a quick test run.  To run a production website, see



Standard Upgrades


If your Wagn was installed from a gem, follow these steps:


1. create backups

Always back up your database and uploaded files.

2. update your gems

From your wagn root directory run:

 bundle update

3. update your database

Run the following:

 rake wagn:migrate

As with all rake commands, you can try prefacing with "bundle exec" if you encounter gem problems.

4. restart your server.



Upgrading Older  sites


If your Wagn was NOT installed from a gem, then first check the Wagn version of your existing site:


Version 1.10 or newer


  1. Create a new Wagn app using steps 1 and 2 from the installation section above.
  2. Copy config/database.yml from the old site to the new one.
  3. Copy the old local/files contents to the new files directory.
  4. If you have edited config/wagn.yml in your old site, make the corresponding changes to the new config/application.rb file.
  5. Follow the standard upgrade procedure above.


Older than Version 1.10

First update your Wagn to version 1.10 via the old update mechanisms, and then follow the directions above.




Advanced Installation / Troubleshooting 

Operating-System-Specific Installation Instructions

To date, Wagn has been developed and maintained primarily on Unix-based systems, especially Mac OS X.  We will soon be improving this and adding strong ...

Mail Configuration

Wagn's mailer setup inherits directly from rails and is configurable in config/application.rb (in Wagn 1.12.6 and later).   See the rails documentation on mailer configuration ...

Security Configuration

If you're going to let unregistered users add/edit/comment on cards, we recommend that you use captcha.

Image Issues

When all is working properly, Wagn stores several versions of an image: icon, small, medium, large, and full.  The preview you see upon uploading an ...

Wagn in production

The default installation instructions will tell you how to get Wagn working with Rails' built-in webserver, Webrick.  Webrick is great for kicking the Wagn wheels, but not ...


Installation Support / Questions and Answers

add new Support ticket


also see older discussion itemsrelated tickets



Wagneering - Online Configuration


Once your Wagn is installed and running, there are a number of configuration options which can be set up through the web interface, just follow the home page or sidebar links to "Config". You can read more here about configuration:


Almost all Wagn configuration, or Wagneering is done by adding and editing cards.  Here are a few of the most important ...