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Installing an OS

* You can safely skip this is you already have an OS installed on your machine.

This provides a basic way to setup an OS environment for wagn:


+On GNU Linux

everything should start and now you are at the login,

enter root and the password


$ su

enter root password


Remove the cd from the sources


$ gedit /etc/apt/sources.list


and simply add to this line with the #-sign so that it looks something like this:

# deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 12.10

then do:


$ apt-get update


Install sudo (you'll be able to execute commands as administrator without becoming root first)


$ apt-get install sudo


Creating new user and making it an administrator

$ adduser myuser

Type in a password and don't forget it. Press enter at all the other questions.


Add 'myuser' to the sudoers

$ visudo


Scroll down and under the line where is says root type your name

## Allows just user "username" to run all commands as root

mir    ALL=(ALL)    ALL


Type to exit the root shell 

$ exit

+On Mac OS X


+Ubuntu 14.04
I have just set up an wagn in my local Ubuntu Server with Apache and want to share how it's done. Assuming that you are ...