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A mod, short for both module and modification, is a set of files that extends or modifies Wagn's behavior.  Wagn offers mods in order to:

  • meet the needs of projects needing custom functionality
  • keep its core codebase light and nimble
  • make it easy for site to opt in or out of features as needed
  • ease contributors' progression from Editor to Wagneer to Developer
  • lead to lots of integration with other systems


NOTE: we are currently renaming packs to mods.  At present you may assume these terms are synonyms, though in the future we may use the term packs differently.  Mods is the new canonical name.


Currently the best examples of mods are the core and standard mods that come built-in with each wagn.  You can see these on github.


We hope to have many more examples soon.


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What kinds of mods are there?

  At present there are two kinds of mods: built-in and local.  Local mods are, as the name implies, specific ...

This document assumes that you are familiar with the Wagn concepts of sets and views and understand the directory structure of set modules. ...



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Excellent point, Tom! ;)

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