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Syntax Reference

Wagn is "syntax averse"; we want to help you create without making you learn techie stuff.


Casual users shouldn't need any syntax at all; they should rarely if ever even see it.  Wagneers (advanced users) will need the following:


Inclusion Syntax
{{ cardname | view }} {{ cardname | key: value }} {{ cardname | key1: value1 ; key2 value2 }} {{ cardname | key1: value1 ...

WQL Syntax

WQL Basics

  WQL, the Wagn Query Language, is a syntax for finding Wagn cards.  There's a brief introduction on the WQL card ...

URL Syntax
See examples at web address for everything.  


/cardname /cardname.format /cardname?key=value&key1=value1
Keys and Values
  • layout: noside, simple, pre, blank,


Note: Links, inclusions, and WQL queries can all use contextual names.